Ten-year- old Patrick Dennis is placed in the custody of his unconventional Auntie Mame after his father dies. She promises Patrick she will "open doors" that he "never dreamed existed." While with his aunt, Patrick remains under the watch full eye of his father’s banker, Dwight Babcock.

When Babcock arrives for a visit, Mame is upstairs, and while they wait, Patrick expertly mixes a martini for the banker. The Babcock is appalled, and insists Patrick go to a boarding school, devastating Mame and Patrick.

The years he is in boarding school, Patrick visits Mame, as she goes from losing everything in the 1929 market crash, to marrying a millionaire, to becoming a wealthy widow, and all her adventures in between.

Hollywood at Home presents Auntie Mame Saturday at 9 p.m. on PBS 6.

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