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January, 2018
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PBS 6 for January 9, 2018

6:30 p.m.
Desert Speaks : Giants On A Galapagos IslandWatch online with AZPM Passport
Explore the people and the culture of Santa Cruz and visit the Darwin Research Station.
8 p.m.
Into the Amazon: American Experience Watch online with AZPM Passport
In 1914 Theodore Roosevelt and Candido Rondon journeyed into the heart of the Amazon rainforest.
10 p.m.
Frontline : Policing the PoliceWatch online with AZPM Passport
Step inside the Newark Police Department, one of many troubled forces ordered to reform.

PBS Kids for January 9, 2018

7 p.m.
Wild Kratts : Mystery of the North Pole Penguins? The Wild Kratts spring into action when they learn that "lost" penguins are stranded in the Arctic.
7:30 p.m.
Wild Kratts : The Food Chain Game Aviva wants to build a food web for the African savannah. She devises a game for Martin and Chris.
8 p.m.
Odd Squad : Flawed Squad/The Creature Whisperer The Villains team up to break into Odd Squad headquarters. The agents try to catch an odd creature.
8:30 p.m.
Odd Squad : Happy Halfiversary/Good Egg Bad Egg The agents try to determine what kind of creature will hatch from an egg
9 p.m.
Arthur : Buster's Secret Admirer/The Last King of Lambland Buster receives a box of chocolates in the mail from a secret admirer. Who could it be from?
9:30 p.m.
Arthur : Cents-less/Buster the Lounge Lizard Mr. Ratburn decides it's time for his class to learn about money or, rather, the lack of it.
10 p.m.
Sesame Street Oscar participates in the Be Kind to Your Worm day activities because it'll make Slimey happy.
10:30 p.m.
Dinosaur Train : Confuciusornis Says/Tiny's Tiny Doll The Pteranodons visit a very wise, old dinosaur, try some new foods and learn to meditate.

PBS 6 Plus for January 9, 2018

9:30 p.m.
10:30 p.m.
11 p.m.
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