Space Racers

Season 1, Episode 22 of 26

Animation 1: A Tight Squeeze - Story: As Stardust Bay prepares to launch a Time Capsule into space, the students and teachers pick out their favorite items to include in the capsule's 25-year journey. Vulture's beloved Limburger cheese-flavored fuel bars, Starling's favorite "My Lunar Pony" TV episodes, and of some of Eagle's coveted unusual rock collection are just a few of the capsule's contents. Nostalgic to relive an old school tradition, the teachers and Vulture squeeze themselves into the crowded capsule, just for fun... when Dodo accidentally locks them all inside and triggers the capsule's take-off sequence! The Space Racers must work against the clock to try and free the trapped Academy staff from the capsule, before they're lost in space for 25 years. Curriculum Focus: Experimentation - form hypotheses and make predictions while collaborating with a team and then sharing what one has learned. Interstitial 1: "Goddard 4: Time Capsule Interview". Animation 2: AVA Retires - Story: The Space Racers are exploring the Northern and Southern Lights, which are created through solar storms hitting the magnetic field of the Earth. But when AVA is unable to answer a simple technical question from the cadets ("Why there are more solar storms during the spring and fall?"), she shuts herself down to run a full self-diagnostic - leaving the Racers stranded without her guidance. In fact, without AVA all communications at Stardust Bay are also down. When she finally comes back online, Crane explains that we still don't know why there are more solar storms in spring and fall; it's not AVA's fault that she doesn't know. Will she accept this and go back online to guide the Racers home before they run out of fuel? Curriculum Focus: Exploration and Investigation - We obtain information and learn about the world through exploring objects and investigating how things work. Interstitial 2: "Space Quiz 10: Aurora Australis". Character Bio: Robyn.

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