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Play Day: Mona learns to play pretend and dress-up - Nana is singing in the kitchen as she makes cookies. Mona pushes a chair up to the table to come and help Nana. Nana gives Mona a bowl of her own so that she can pretend to make cookies. Mona copies Nana as she makes her cookies. Just then, a bee flies through the kitchen and around Nana's bowl. Nana swats him towards the door. The bee tries to get out, but he keeps flying into the screen. Nana opens the door for the bee, and he flies away. Mona gets excited by the bee and runs off. Nana comes back to her cookies and realizes Mona is gone. Mona comes buzzing in pretending to be a bee. Nana gets Mona her bee costume, and helps her put it on. Moments later Nana opens the door to the outside and Mona runs out in her costume. Nana tells Mona that bees like flowers, and so she begins to buzz around the flowers. Russell is sleeping and Mona begins buzzing around Russell. He continues to sleep, so Mona begins poking him with her antenna, until he finally wakes up. Russell sees the giant bee and runs away. She starts to chase him, and Russell becomes scared and hides. Mona realizes she scared him, and feels bad. She shows him that she is just pretending, and she isn't really a bee, she is only dressed like one. Russell is relieved and they hug. Nana joins them outside, and Mona tells her that she would like to show Mr. Wooka her bee costume. They walk over to Mr. Wooka's, and learn that he has prepared a puppet show. Puppet Show - A princess and a rower are in a boat together. The rower rows, and the princess sits, while they both sing together. They are heading towards an island. The rower starts to become tired, and he can't sing as well as he did before. The princess demands that he row faster. The rower is getting even more tired, and he can barely sing at all. He tells the princess that he is tired and that he would like the chance to be a princess. The princess says that she would like to be the rower. They decide that it would be fun to pretend to be each other. The princess and the rower switch roles, and they even trade the parts of the song they were singing. After watching the puppet show, Mona decides she is no longer a bee. She announces that she is a princess. Nana looks for the princess costume. She takes off her glasses and hands them to Mona, and then heads upstairs to look for the costume. Mona decides to pretend to be Nana. She sits in Nana's chair and pretends to read a book. As Nana returns she sees Mona pretending to be her. Nana pulls out the princess costume and takes Mona into the kitchen. Nana then appears from the kitchen and sits at the organ. Song Time: Who's That Wonderful Girl - Mona comes in dressed as a princess and is followed by Russell, who is dressed as a prince. Mona begins to feel uncomfortable, and tells Nana the dress is itchy. Nana helps her take it off, and puts it back in the chest. The doorbell rings and Mona's mom has arrived to pick her up.

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