Make Way For Noddy

Noddy Builds A Rocketship/Noddy Can Fix It

Season 1, Episode 10 of 20

The toys build a homemade rocketship which Big Ears sprinkles with mag ic so Noddy and Master Tubby Bear can fly across the starry sky. Noddy and Master Tubby Bear build a fort with blocks and Noddy learns how t o say "square" in Spanish. Then, Noddy tries to fix his car but unfort unately makes things worse. He learns that sometimes it's better to as k for help. Next, Martha Monkey offers Noddy some of her special pie, but Noddy doesn't want any. He learns how to say "no thank you" in Spa nish. During the Music Video, "Noddy Will Lead the Way," Noddy and his friends sing about all the different people in Toy Town.

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