Dragon Tales

Zak And The Beanstalk/A Feat On Her Feet

Season 1, Episode 12 of 40

The Do-Re-Mi birds are gone, and Zak and Wheezie are afraid something bad has happened to them! A worried Sid Sycamore says that the birds h ave been kidnapped by Mungus the Giant. When Emmy, Max, Zak and Wheezi e sneak into Mungus' castle and confront him, he confesses that he's n ot a mean giant at all. He only took the birds because he loves their music. He agrees to let them go if the kids and dragons can teach him to make his own music. In "A Feat on her Feet," Cassie is carefully pu shing a wagon filled with Jingle Flowers, which she needs to plant at Singing Springs. When she sees her friends on skates heading right tow ard her, she loses her grip on the wagon, and it slams into a ditch. W hat will they do now? The flowers need the fountain's musical water fa st, but the wagon's wheels are broken. They decide the only way to get to Singing Springs in time to save the flowers is to each take a corn er of the wagon and skate it there. But Cassie doesn't know how to ska te. As the others coach her, she practices the right moves and is dete rmined not to give up.

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