Sesame Street

The Help -O-Bots

Season 41, Episode 85 of 99

Chris reads Elmo, Telly and Rosita the story of "Rico, The Very Helpful Robot!" After hearing the story, Elmo, Telly and Rosita decide to become robots to help Chris at Hooper's store. They call themselves the Help-O-Bots. At first they are a really big help but then they start going faster and faster and end up making more of a mess for Chris to clean up. They tell Chris that they can also change into brooms and vacuums and feather dusters to become the greatest cleaning force in the universe. They begin arguing, though, about how to clean and they make the mess even worse. The Help O Bots are upset that they have failed their mission. Chris tells them that they should figure out what they are really good at and they could help people with that. They decide that they are really good at the alphabet. They become the Alphabetabots and help someone remember what letter comes after "G" and say the whole alphabet. The Alphabetobots succeed! Elmo, Telly and Rosita go off to see who else needs help with the alphabet. THEME: Cognitive Reasoning, Y, 17

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