Dragon Tales

One Big Wish

Season 2, Episode 5 of 25

One Big Wish - Max gets frustrated when a ball flies high over his head during a game. He chases after it, stumbling all the way over to Willie the wishing well. As he reaches to retrieve the ball, Max wishes he were bigger. Then a coin falls out of his pocket and into the well-immediately granting his wish! At first Max's problem seems to be solved; he's big enough to hit home runs and catch high fly balls. But he keeps growing! Soon he's bigger than Ord, Quetzal, and even Mungus the Giant - and that's really big! As the group tries to solve the problem of returning Max to his regular size, Max begins to realize that being big is not everything he thought it would be. After consulting Quetzal, the group revisits the magical fountain, and Max wishes to return to his own height. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - Welcome to "art project day" at the Schoolin the Sky, where Max and Ord team up to create a magnificent structure - a "Whatayacallit!" The two best friends run into conflict, however, when it comes time to decide who gets to bring the creation home. Each wants to be the first and an argument ensues. Their friends, hating to see this dynamic duo at odds, intervene and suggest alternatives to having just one of them keep the project. Cassie comes up with an idea they like when she suggests they try cutting the Whatayacallit in half. When they do, however, it just doesn't work or look right. So Max and Ord decide that the best solution is to build a new Whatayacallit, and happily take turns bringing home their joint project.

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