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Episode of Weaving Worlds

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WEAVING WORLDS presents an absorbing and intimate portrait of economic and cultural survival through art. The documentary traces the history of Navajo rug weavers and their role within the global economy by highlighting the stories and characters behind the production and trading of Navajo rugs. Told from the weavers' point-of-view, WEAVING WORLDS turns a keen and compassionate eye toward indigenous artists and their struggle to maintain pride and cultural vitality through their textiles. Contemporary Navajo weavers including Nicole Horseherder, a member of Black Mesa Weavers for Life and Land speak about the importance of weaving traditions, or Nahadzaan Hadilneeh, to Navajo culture. WEAVING WORLDS illuminates the rich visual experience of this Native craft by combining shots of the Navajo reservation with scenes of Navajo women weaving delicate motifs into colorful rugs. Through interviews and oral histories, the program also explores the relationship between weaving and family relations and the sometimes controversial interdependency between Indigenous artisans and Anglo traders.

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