Dragon Tales

Have No Fear

Season 2, Episode 6 of 25

A New Friend - There's a new Dragon in town-Lorca, a fun lovin', magic trick performin' extrovert who uses a purple wheelchair with sparkly wheels to get around. "I can't walk, so I roll instead!" The gang is fascinated by the wheelchair, since they've never really seen one before, but are even more fascinated by the amazing treasure map that Lorca reveals! Looks to be quite an adventure, so they all start out immediately to find the X that marks the spot. Along the way, the gang encounters obstacles that block their path, but through teamwork and quick thinking, they're able to help each other through the Forest of Darkness, over a quickly flowing river and across a field filled with "sleepytime fog!" And the buried prize? A box filled with spectacular kaleidoscopes resulting in the best treasure hunt ever! Have No Fear - Cassie has a new pet, BeeBee the Butterfrog- teeny, tiny half butterfly, half frog, and Ord's biggest nightmare! " What if it hurts me?," despairs Ord. Cassie happily feeds her new pet and everyone plays hopscotch with BeeBee, trying to demonstrate how fun and harmless the little Butterfrog is, but to no avail. Ord can't seem to shake his fear. They all pop on their thinking caps and consume themselves with thoughts on how to help Ord. Minutes later, Cassie realizes that BeeBee has flown away! The group splits up to find her before dark, except for Ord, who is too scared to accompany them. While walking away alone, Ord comes across Sid the Sycamore- and spots BeeBee caught precariously in some of Sid's branches! Ord's concern for BeeBee outways his fears and he flies up to rescue her. Hooray for Ord!

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