Dragon Tales

Dragonberry Drought/A Snowman For All Seasons

Season 2, Episode 10 of 25

Dragonberry Drought - The gang, especially Ord, is all ready for the best day of the year to pick dragonberries. Emmy has a basket, Max has a pail and the dragons have their pouches_nothing can stop them, except maybe the fact that all of the dragonberries are missing! The bushes have all been picked clean! They try to think of many different ways to find them, including following a flock of Do-re-mi Birds (notorious dragonberry eaters). Once they realize that dragonberry bushes are both round and red, their search eventually leads them to one fruitful bush, where they discover a trail of footprints. They follow it and learn that Mungus the giant inadvertently picked all the berries to make his mother a very special treat-a dragonberry pie! He apologies and promises them a slice when it is done baking-yummy! The slice turns out to be more than twice their size (even Ord) and twice as delicious as anything they've ever eaten in Dragon Land. A Snowman For All Seasons - It may not be snowing a lot at home, but Max & Emmy know where there's always good, cold fun-Snowy Summit in Dragon Land, home to Chilly the snowman and his snow puppy, Nippy. Everyone has a blast playing with their frozen friends, until it gets warm, warmer and downright hot! And to make matters worse, Snowy and Nippy are melting! The gang tries a flurry of cool ideas to keep the pair from turning to slush. They soon realize, however, that these short term measures won't solve the problem, so they head off to find Pollynimbus at the snow factory, and figure out why it has stopped snowing. After exploring many avenues, they discover that the snow machine is clogged and work together to fix the device. Success! Snowy Summit is snowy once again.

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