Dragon Tales

Sneezy Does It/Try It You'll Like It

Season 2, Episode 19 of 25

Sneezy Does It - Kites are a blast, but not when there isn't any wind at home. So, Emmy and Max take their kite over to Dragon Land! But the wind is out of control today and swoops the kite up, spins it and then suddenly careens it right into a tree. Faced with a broken kite, the gang decides to find The Big Whistling Wind and ask him what is going on. Windy, Big Whistling Wind's daughter, tells them that her dad is sick, she is worried and that she wants to help her father get well. The gang consults Dr. Booboogone, who tells the gang that The Big Whistling Wind has a cold and needs plenty of rest, warmth and a big bowl of Sneeze-away soup. Working together they find ways to help him follow the doctor's orders so that he can feel better. With Windy's help, they even have time to fix the kite and fly it for the rest of the blustery afternoon. Try It You'll Like It - There are new rides at the Dragon Land amusement park! The gang sprints over, ready for yummy foods, roller coasters and a grand time. Everyone's ready, that is, but Zak, who's a little leery of eating snacks and riding rides that are unfamiliar. Wheezie, of course, is chomping at the bit, eager to take it all in. His friends remind Zak that there are things he likes now that were new once upon a time. Zak takes a chance and tastes Ord's cheesy log. He doesn't like it very much. He tries a frozen banana, which he likes even less, and then a corn-cob-on-a-stick, which he loves! After thinking about it, he decides to give the new rides a shot, too. They start on a few of the tamer ones, and eventually Zak works his way up to . . . The Skipper! It's a blast, and everyone is overjoyed, especially Zak, who winds up liking The Skipper more than anyone.

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