Dragon Tales

Just For Laughs/Give Zak A Hand

Season 2, Episode 20 of 25

Just for Laughs - Today is the annual Dragon Land "Custard Egg Hunt." The gang must find six eggs, which Quetzal will place in a special pot for a yummy, magical surprise. To find these eggs, they must interpret a rhyme with clues to their location. Quetzal has his hands full, since Cassie's mother has left her toddlers Kiki and Finn temporarily in his care. The gang volunteers to help watch the little ones and look for the eggs. The clues may be difficult, but everyone learns that keeping up with Finn and Kiki is even more of a challenge! After some initial toddler mischief, the gang decides to take turns watching Kiki and Finn while searching for the last few eggs. Thanks to the some surprise help from the toddlers and teamwork from the gang, they find all the eggs and Quetzal places them in his special pot. A little sprinkle of sparkly dust and . . . surprise! The custard eggs turn into a big, rainbow flavored custard crme cake for everyone to enjoy. Give Zak a Hand - Max and Emmy arrive in Dragon Land to find their friends surrounded by flowers! Ord explains that they are gathering them for Spike's fiesta, where there will be plenty of games to play, songs to sing and food to eat. Zak and Wheezie arrive on the scene, and Zak is not happy. It seems that Wheezie left her skate in the middle of the floor, where he slipped on it and got a boo boo on his wrist. Zak is ready to head home, declaring that he can't participate in any games due to his injury. Not true! With a little encouragement and creative thinking on the part of his friends, Zak learns a whole new way of playing " Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" without any danger of hurting his wrist again -- moving his head, shaking his knee, wiggling his toes. Everyone goes off happily to the fiesta, where they have a fantastic time playing the game in their own special ways.

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