Dragon Tales

Room For Change/Sorrow And The Party

Season 2, Episode 22 of 25

Room For A Change - Cassie's big family is getting even bigger - and she has to move to a new room so the babies can be closer to Mom and Dad. Even though she hasn't even seen it yet, Cassie worries that she won't like her new room. When she goes with her friends to check it out, Cassie admits that it's nice, but she's still sad having to leave the room she loves. Max and Emmy comfort her. After her friends help her move all her favorite things, she feels much better. Best of all, she discovers a secret closet, just the spot to read stories to her many brothers and sisters. Now it's the best room ever! The Sorrow and the Party - Max's feelings are hurt when he's not invited to his school pal Brian's birthday party. Emmy tries to cheer him up by taking him on a trip to Dragon Land. But once there, he can't seem to get his mind off all the fun he must be missing. Queztal tells him that he understands why Max feels sad-nobody likes to be left out - and it's important to remember that being sad doesn' t last forever. In the meantime, why doesn't Max try to do things that make him happy. Though Max's feelings are still hurt, he slowly begins to cheer up as he enjoys his time with his friends.

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