Dragon Tales

The Grudge Won't Budge/Putting The Fun In Fun Hous

Season 2, Episode 23 of 25

The Grudge Won't Budge - Holding a grudge is hard; having one live on your back is even harder! When Wheezie accidentally breaks Zak's snoot flute, the obnoxious little fellow latches onto Zak's back and thrives by encouraging the anger and hurt between the two siblings. Quetzal warns Zak that the only way to make the Grudge go away is by telling Wheezie how he feels rather than just remaining angry at her, otherwise, everyone's-especially Zak's-fun will be ruined. Once the gang gets to Dragon Ice Park, they see how right Quetzal was. Everyone but Zak tries to remove the grudge, but when that doesn't work Zak is reminded of Quetzal's warning and he tells her how he honestly feels-and Wheezie sincerely apologizes. With that, all is forgiven, the grudge unhappily shrinks and disappears. Zak and Wheezie happily make up just in time for a fun filled day at Dragon Ice Park. Putting the Fun in Fun Houses - Ord really wants to go in the new fun house at the carnival, but he's scared. It's really dark in there and who knows what's around each corner! The gang vows to help him cope with his fear. Emmy holds his hand, but this doesn't quite work. Cassie suggests he close his eyes, but it's hard finding the fun house when you can't see anything! Wheezie suggests that they go without Ord and then tell him about everything that happens inside. Ord comes up with his own idea! They can build a fun house of their own - and then he will know exactly what to expect. With Arlo the Garbage Dragon's help, they collect all the materials they need and create a homemade fun house almost like the one at the carnival. Everyone, including Ord, has a great time walking through, and even though he is still too scared to go through the carnival fun house, the one they built is just as much fun. Maybe even more!

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