Four-Part Harmony

Season 1, Episode 24 of 26

Mona has a music lesson and learns about coming together to make something work. We can hear music coming from Nana's house. Russell is dancing on the couch while Nana plays the organ. Mona enters with Fleafer and asks what Nana is doing. Nana takes Mona on her lap to show her how to use the organ. She teaches Mona her part on the keys. Mona plays her part slowly at first and then starts to pick up speed. Nana adds her part and they play a two-part harmony. Nana is very proud of Mona. They decide to invite Mr. Wooka over for a concert. When they get outside, they hear some music, and see that it is a group of birdies singing in harmony. They continue on to Mr. Wooka's yard, and he announces that today there will be a very special puppet show. It is special because Mona will be helping out. Puppet Show: Mona introduces the show. It begins with a monster blowing a jug. Then Nigel comes along to join with a banjo. Then Gary comes along with his ukulele. Next is Cheryl with her bass. Finally Fleafer comes along, and asks if he can sing in the band. They all create music together. Mona bows and they give her a round of applause and Nana invites Mr. Wooka over for a concert. They work together to clean up the living room before Mr. Wooka arrives for the concert. Nana sprays, while Mona wipes and Russell checks to make sure it is clean. While cleaning, Mona finds a monkey costume and puts it on. She starts to act like a monkey. Nana takes Mona outside and says that they will make up a story together. Story Time: Nana tells the story and Mona acts it out. Mr. Wooka joins them and they head inside for Mona's Concert. Inside Nana introduces Mona and they begin to play. They all applaud Mona and Nana. Mr. Wooka has an idea; he wants them all to join in for a four-part harmony. They sing a song about singing in harmony, and they sound great. The doorbell rings and Mommy has come to get Mona. They tell her all about Mona in the puppet show and how she played the organ.

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