Soft As Nana

Season 1, Episode 25 of 26

Mona learns about textures. Mona is outside playing with a rock. She is building a rock pile in Russell's house. Russell comes and wants to nap and finds the rocks in his house. He isn't very happy. He calls for Nana who joins them by the doghouse. Mona tells her they are her rocks. Nana tells Mona that it isn't fun to sleep on a hard rock. Mona apologizes to Russell and gets ready to remove them, but it is time to head over to Mr. Wooka's. They tell him about the rocks and Mona touches his moustache and says it is very soft. Puppet Show: A monster is getting ready to sleep in his soft bed, but can't because there is a boulder in his bed. He finally is starting to fall asleep, when he realizes that there is something else in his bed: prickly porcupines. He settles down again, but there is still something in his bed. It isn't hard, or prickly. It's all the other monsters. He gets out and sleeps on the grass. Mona goes to Nana's yard and starts to remove the rocks from Russell's house. Mr. Wooka and Nana talk and he hints that he and Mona have a surprise for her later. Russell heads into the backyard, and Mona shows him there are no more rocks in his house. Mona picks some soft grass and puts it in his house for him to sleep on. He kisses her and approves of the softness. He lays down and takes his nap. Mona is inside eating lunch and she notices the texture of the food. Pickles are bumpy. Crackers are crunchy, and fish sticks are crunchy too. Nana tells Mona that the fish is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Nana brings Mona a green pea jelly salad. Mona doesn't want any. She tries it and it is gooey and she doesn't like it. Mona finishes her lunch and they get ready for a story. Story Time: The Touch and Feel Flea Book. The flea is looking for a home but he always gets scratched away. He tries to live on a duck, a fish, a cat, until he finally finds a suitable home, underneath a rock. The doorbell rings and it is Mr. Wooka with a surprise for Nana. They sing a song for Nana. Song Time: It is a song all about how much they love Nana, with a montage of Nana moments. Nana cries because she is so touched by the song. She blows her nose, and the doorbell rings: it is Mommy. They tell her all about the song and how wonderful it was.

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