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Episode of Nature

Why We Love Cats And Dogs?

Season 26, Episode 8 of 13
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Ask anyone and they immediately know -- they're either a dog person or a cat person. What is this all about? Follow an in-depth investigation into the great divide between dogs and cats and just what draws us to these two polarizing pets. Animal behaviorists, psychologists, trainers and devoted owners all weigh in. Dogs, we discover, are geniuses at reading what we want and the complex cat-human bond can be as fickle or as deep as a marriage. Funny, touching and provocative, we ask how well we really know our best friends and why we love them so much.

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2/22/2009 noon PBS HD
5/23/2010 7 p.m. PBS HD
5/24/2010 1 a.m. PBS HD
11/30/2011 8 p.m. PBS HD
12/1/2011 1 a.m. PBS HD
12/9/2013 noon Ready TV
12/9/2013 8 p.m. Ready TV
12/17/2013 1 p.m. PBS HD
12/21/2013 3 p.m. PBS HD

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