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You on a Diet with Dr. Michael Roizen provides an easy plan of action to re-program your body to fight against fat and control weight and waist gain. By understanding how your body's fat-storing and fat-burning systems work, you're going to learn how to crack the code on true and lifelong weight and waist management. "No more dangerous yo-yo dieting. You can make your brain remember to keep you full," according to Dr. Roizen. There are three organ systems important to controlling your waist and weight size: your nervous system, your digestive system and your muscular system; and all interact biologically to determine if your body is the size of a baseball bat or a baseball stadium. In each segment of this 60-minute program, Dr. Roizen provides easy to use action steps that will guide you on how to use each system to control weight and waist gain. You will learn how to train your brain and digestive systems to keep you full. You will learn how the size of your waist determines how healthy you really are, and you will also experience the "You Workout" with exercise physiologist Tracy Hafen as she demonstrates an exercise routine that takes very little time and literally no money. The "You Diet" is further explained as Dr. Roizen provides a list of food choices that will help you keep on track and information on what to look for on food labels that will sabotage weight loss. Through lots of fun and humor Dr. Roizen provides demonstrations to emphasize key points such as "dump the fridge" where he is actually dumping bad foods from a refrigerator. In another instance he's holding up a Victoria Secret's lace teddy to emphasize what a normal belly should look like from the inside out or he is stomping on a candy bar to let you know that sugar is bad. To bring home the point even further you will meet four people who have been on the You Diet: Jillian Sterkin, Bruce Jackson, Howard Lettvin and Michelle Bouchard. All of them were overweight and suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, back pain and mental fatigue because they were overweight. In less than 16 weeks each of them lost over 30 pounds, and their blood pressure and cholesterol are normal. You on a Diet with Dr. Michael Roizen will revolutionize the way you think about yourself and the food you consume. You will learn to "diet smart, not hard" and will be provided with knowledge on how to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and waist.

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