It Crowd

The Red Door

Season 1, Episode 4 of 6

Frustrated at the repeated theft of his coffee mug, Moss shows off a plain-white one which supposedly has a picture of his head on the bottom; however, he is unable to find it. After heading upstairs to resolve an IT problem, Roy finds himself trapped underneath the desks of two female employees like a "desk rabbit". As Roy calls Moss away for help to escape, Jen investigates what's behind a strange red door in the department that Roy and Moss have forbidden her to open. Inside, she discovers Richmond (Noel Fielding), a lonely goth whose job is to watch over some blinky lights on a machine. Richmond shares his back story of how he was Denholm's right-hand man until the death of Denholm's father and (coincidentally) Richmond's discovery of the dark-wave band Cradle of Filth. Touched by his story, Jen sets out to help and restore Richmond to his former glory.

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