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Episode of Nature

Moment Of Impact: Jungle

Season 27, Episode 10 of 11
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NATURE presents the conclusion of MOMENT OF IMPACT. When animals of astounding ability connect with each other and the world around them there is a "moment of impact." The world is filled with these unique moments created by animals whose abilities and behaviors are incredible to behold, like the violent collision of cheetah with gazelle, the blink-of-an-eye strike of a deadly cobra and the amazing dexterity of an elephant's trunk as it feeds, fights or reaches out with affection. But how do these creatures accomplish such extraordinary feats? Live action footage only reveals part of the answer. Using the latest technologies, HD camera lenses and computer graphics, this two-part series will take us inside the animal to present an innovative and revolutionary look at the bio-engineering of "how animals work." The jungle's layers are peeled back to dissect more amazing moments of impact. Stealth and ambush reign in the jungle and survival depends on highly tuned senses and ingenious defenses. From ninja ants to flying snakes, cameras dive underwater, sail through trees and penetrate fur, feathers, skin and bone to reveal the science of some amazing animal engineering hidden deep in the jungle.

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