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Episode of Jorge Gestoso Investiga (V-Me)

Los Barcos Perdidos De Colón

Episode 23 of 36
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For years now, adventurers, treasure hunters and scientists have been looking for a ship dating back to the era of the discovery of the Americas. And now it seems to have been found off the Panamanian coastline, in the bay of Nombre de Dios. A wreck located at a depth of only three meters prompted the American expert for Iberian shipbuilding, Prof. Filipe Castro, to say, “this is the oldest wreck ever found off the coast of America.” The find is considered a sensation by underwater archaeologists. The film tells the story of Columbus’s fourth voyage to the Caribbean, which ended in disaster for him and his fleet. The documentary traces the route of at least one of these ships to experience the harrowing trip. The contemporary diving expedition to the shipwreck, the scientific investigation of the ship and the story of the fourth voyage are woven together in the film.

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