Egypt's Golden Empire

The Warrior Pharaohs

Season 1, Episode 1 of 3

Egypt was occupied by foreigners except for a narrow strip of land aro und a town called Thebes. The capital and its royal family had fallen on hard times. But one local family was determined to revive it -- the king of Thebes and his two young sons Ahmose and Kamose, who became f reedom fighters, liberators of Egypt. Through enormous struggle, hards hips and personal tragedy, the enemy Hykos was expelled, and Egypt was finally reunited. But their successor, Hatshepsut put Egypt in jeopar dy because she was a woman and declared herself pharaoh breaking 2,000 years of tradition. She had stolen the throne from her stepson Tuthmo sis III. He would have to wait 20 years before he ruled Egypt. When he came to the throne, Tuthmosis was determined to remove the record of his stepmother from history. In a massive battle at Megiddo - the site of biblical Armageddon - he revealed himself as one of the greatest w ar generals. His crushing victories over Nubia guaranteed Egypt seemin gly endless supplies of gold. Tuthmosis did what no other pharaoh had ever dreamed of, he built an empire.

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