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Episode of Transplant: A Gift for Life

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TRANSPLANT: A GIFT FOR LIFE reveals the powerful emotions and cutting-edge science involved in vital organ transplant. Told through multiple real-life stories, this one-hour documentary demonstrates how the tragic death -- or inspirational generosity -- of one person can pull another back from the brink, offering a second chance at life. We meet a daughter who shares half of her liver to save her father's life; the recipient of a lung transplant who reaches out to his deceased donor's family; and two mothers who nurse their sons through multiple transplants. Filmmaker Dennis Mahoney, liver transplant recipient via a live donation from his nephew Matthew in 2008, recovered well and dedicated himself to the fact that each day, 19 people in the United States die waiting for an organ transplant, and every 12 minutes, another person is added to the transplant list. TRANSPLANT: A GIFT FOR LIFE explores the journey thousands of Americans make when they discover their need for a transplant, and shows how ordinary people become heroes through the gift of tissue and organ donation.

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