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Episode of Doc Martin

Better The Devil

Season 4, Episode 1 of 8
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Life in the beautiful Cornish village of Portwenn has become ever more infuriating for Dr. Martin Ellingham since the heart-wrenching decision to call off his marriage to local headmistress Louisa. Louisa has left, and Martin has begun to question what keeps him in Cornwall. It's certainly not his relentlessly annoying patients. On a visit to the hospital, Martin is stunned to meet Edith, his old girlfriend from medical school days who is now a top-ranking doctor with a flourishing private practice. Martin learns there is a prestigious surgeon's job coming free in London that is perfect for him if he can overcome his blood phobia. But all Martin's thoughts of the future are turned upside-down when Louisa unexpectedly returns to Portwenn. She wants nothing to do with Martin, but she has big news of her own - she's pregnant.

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12/13/2012 9 p.m. PBS HD
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