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Episode of Growing Bolder

No Strings Attached

Season 2, Episode 10 of 13
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No Strings Attached? - Musicians strive for perfection. That means their instruments must be flawless. But good luthiers are very hard to find. See what makes Saul Cornell the most important member of any string section, even though he doesn't play a note. International Celebrity: Rachel Veitch - "How's Rachel? Is Chariot Still Running?" We get the questions daily. Rachel, of course, is Rachel Veitch, the hard-driving, gun-toting, America-loving nonagenarian who became an international celebrity after we told her story. How's she doing? For starters, she's a little nervous to have Marc behind the wheel of her beloved Chariot. But she's also getting ready for a little body work of her own. She shares her busy plans for the coming months (you could say she's on a bit of a media blitz) and she answers the question everyone wants to know: how many miles are on Chariot now? Skydivers Over Sixty Smash World Record - Growing Bolder is something anyone can do. Knitters. Dancers. Writers. Painters. Entrepreneurs. This is how skydivers do it. It's one of the most inspiring, empowering and unforgettable world records ever, and only Growing Bolder was there to document it.

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