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Episode of Among B-Boys

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Christopher Woon's first documentary feature explores the intersection of rugged urban b-boyin' (breakdancing) and the traditional roots of Hmong culture. But instead of the usual generational conflict, Among B-Boys unveils a story of the modern and the traditional actually affirming each other, visually weaving between the older generation's memory of ethnicity and war and the younger generation's toprocks, footwork, freezes and power-moves. Woon focuses on three breakers - Impact and Vlln of Underground Flow, and Sukie of Velocity/Soul Rivals Crew-who reveal the path towards b-boy cultural citizenship in America, but continually steer us back to their families, history and community. Produced as a short in 2004 and originally focused on the California Central Valley, the feature film follows the expansion of the Hmong community into the Midwest, with its main protagonists now in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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