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Episode of Lively Evening With the Woods Tea Company

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The Woods Tea Co. returns to public television to share their music, their dry New England wit and their knack for engaging audiences. Fans of their 2005 APT special, An Evening With the Woods Tea Company, hear and see a new configuration of Vermont's hardest working folk group, which specializes in presenting traditional and vintage music. Recorded at Vermont's Barre Opera House in the fall of 2008, A LIVELY EVENING WITH THE WOODS TEA CO. highlights the musical talents of banjo player Mike Lussen, bassist Howard Wooden and new members Patti Casey and Tom MacKenzie. The audience sings, claps and laughs along to "Robin Hood," "The Old Dun Cow," "Rolling Home," the Irish drinking ditty "The Wild Rover" and the Appalachian folk tune "Little Birdie."

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11/23/2013 8 p.m. Ready TV

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