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Episode of Teaching Channel Presents

Inside Common Core Classrooms

Season 3, Episode 1 of 10
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We'll begin the new season of Teaching Channel Presents in classrooms where teachers are already integrating the Common Core. From adding and subtracting to fractions and functions, we'll follow students as they explore mathematical reasoning across grade levels. See how the standards change as students advance. And, we'll visit three lively English classes where the Common Core emphasis is on speaking and listening skills.

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12/19/2013 1 p.m. UA Channel
12/19/2013 7 p.m. UA Channel
12/20/2013 1 a.m. UA Channel
12/21/2013 6 p.m. UA Channel
2/20/2014 1 p.m. UA Channel
2/20/2014 7 p.m. UA Channel
2/22/2014 6 p.m. UA Channel

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