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Episode of Bird Tales

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Why are people so devoted to birds? Join Willem Lange as he meets migratory bird enthusiasts who reveal fascinating BIRD TALES. On BIRD TALES, a NHPTV Windows to the Wild special, you'll meet Sarah Zuccarelli, who lives at a bird sanctuary in Center Sandwich, New Hampshire; Don Kroodsma, a world-famous birdsong expert from Massachusetts who's been studying their songs for over 40 years; Abraham Hunter, a 16-year-old in Illinois who shares his birding experience through art; an inmate in a New Jersey prison who shares his passion for birds with other inmates and correctional officers; and school children in Nicaragua and Washington, DC, who are part of Bridging the Americas, a migratory bird education and conservation program. BIRD TALES is the story of people who, in unique ways, share a love for birds. It's the third in a series of award-winning migratory bird specials produced by NHPTV that explore and celebrate New England's native species.

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