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Episode of Living Smart

Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Season 5, Episode 4 of 13
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Guest: Karen Walrond, Photographer, Author "The Beauty of Different". Karen Walrond is an author and photographer. After building a career in corporate America as an engineer and later an attorney, she left corporate America and began writing online about her young family (authoring a blog called Chookooloonks) which was named one of the Best Adoption Blogs on the Web by Adoptive Families Magazine. Her most recent book "The Beauty of Different" helps us navigate through life. In a society that is constantly bombarded with messages on how to think, how to feel, how to look, it can be very easy to fall into the mindset that we are not enough, that somehow we fail as individuals. On Living Smart, Karen will discuss her upcoming book which was designed to help the viewer connect, inspire and reconsider those attributes that make the viewer unique, and reframe them as characteristics of distinction.

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