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Episode of Bletchley Circle

Uncustomed Goods, Part 1

Season 2, Episode 3 of 4
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Millie's import/export sideline leads to her abduction by a crime ring involved in trading perfume, cigarettes and stockings - and in human trafficking. After her release, Millie is determined to help those sold into prostitution. Millie, Jean, Lucy and Alice decide to tip off Customs and Excise to intercept a contraband shipment and catch the traffickers. Millie is abducted and taken to a seedy hotel, where she meets a young Eastern European girl who indicates that the crime ring is involved in sex trafficking. Jasper, Millie's black market partner who was caught skimming money, has also been kidnapped and badly beaten. Millie persuades Marta, the crime family matriarch, to let her take over Jasper's operation. After her release, Millie convinces Alice, Jean and Lucy that they should help the trafficked girls. The four women make a horrifying discovery.

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4/27/2014 9 p.m. PBS 6
4/28/2014 2 a.m. PBS 6
5/3/2014 3 p.m. PBS 6
7/16/2015 10 p.m. PBS 6
7/17/2015 3 a.m. PBS 6

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