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Episode of Marion's Triumph: Surviving History's Nightmare

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In 1938, the Blumenthal family began their journey to the United States as refugees from Nazi Germany. However, the Germans bombed the Blumenthals' passenger ship, trapping them in occupied Holland. Six-and-a-half years of horror in various refugee, transit and prison camps - including notorious Bergen-Belsen - followed, as did an incredible story of near escapes, dashed hopes and tragedy. Today, Holocaust survivor Marion Blumenthal Lazan recounts her ordeal to public, private and parochial schools, organizations, synagogues and churches all over the world to share her message of love, respect and tolerance. Based on the 1996 memoir Four Perfect Pebbles, MARION'S TRIUMPH: SURVIVING HISTORY'S NIGHTMARE presents a life-affirming, inspirational narrative of survival, reconciliation and the limits of endurance. The program, illustrated with historical footage, photos and animated flashbacks, features the surviving members of the Blumenthal family, and additional narration from Debra Messing (Smash, Will and Grace).

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