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Episode of Living Smart

Healthy Mom, Healthy Child

Season 5, Episode 7 of 13
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Guest: Elizabeth Irvine, Author "Healthy Mother, Healthy Child: Creating Whole Families from the Inside Out." Elizabeth Irvine is the Author of "Healthy Mother Healthy Child: Creating Whole Families from the Inside Out." She is a nationally recognized health living spokesperson, author, former ICU nurse, yoga instructor and mother of three who believes we can create a healthier way of being and raise families who care-about themselves, each other, and about the world around them. With over twenty years of experience as a health care professional, she counters this knowledge with a deep, first-hand understanding of complementary medicine - such as ayurveda, acupuncture, and homeopathy. In her approach to wellness, she fuses modern technology with thousands of years of natural wisdom to reach beyond the use of conventional medicine as a quick fix and reclaim the healing wisdom in our own bodies. Helping mothers to build their emotional and physical capacity and nurture their connection to the world, she empowers them to create a healthier, happier life from the inside out. On Living Smart, Elizabeth Irvine will discuss the useful strategies that she practices and share information on how she uses complementary medicine to assist mothers in achieving calm in the midst of chaos in their daily lives.

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