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Episode of European Journal

Season 32, Episode 21 of 52
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A Difficult Vote in Ukraine - On May 25, Ukraine elect a new president. With eastern Ukraine on the brink of civil war, it's a difficult time to hold an election. Until recently, the eastern city of Kharkiv was taking a back seat to the crisis-torn region of Donetsk. But Kharkiv has moved into the spotlight since it hosted the second in a series of round table talks. Our reporter paid a visit to the city to find out how residents view the upcoming presidential election. How is Petro Poroshenko - the billionaire industrialist who stands a good chance of winning - faring there? How is the election commission preparing for the vote and what's the mood on the street? Our reporter also pays a visit to the embattled eastern city of Sloviansk, where the ballot may be derailed entirely. European Elections: Opponents and Allies - Politically, the two main candidates for the president of the European Commission have a lot in common. But are there any differences? The two top candidates for the post of European Commission president are Jean-Claude Juncker from Luxemburg and Martin Schulz from Germany. As the campaign heats up, they head for France, a country that is grappling with many problems. Though it is Europe's second largest economy, debt is rising, the far right is gaining in strength, and the government is lurching from one crisis to the next. The Young Political Candidates in Sweden and Slovenia - It's not just veteran politicians who are standing for European elections. The younger generation also wants to play a role in shaping Europe's future. Amelia Andersdotter is the chair of the European Pirate Party and has been serving as a Member of European Parliament since 2011. Now the internet expert from Sweden is campaigning for a second term in the European Parliament. Another young candidate is Nezika Pavlic from Slovenia. She has no experience in Strasbourg and Brussels, but is hoping to represent the conservative Slovenian People's Party. Turkey: Prime Minster Under Siege - The worst mining disaster in Turkey's history has led to heightened criticism of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Prime Minister Erdogan has faced sharp criticism from some quarters for months now, but the mining disaster in Soma has brought anger to a boil. Many in Turkey are furious at their leader and blame him for the deadly blast. Together with the Gezi Park protests and recent corruption scandals, this public outrage has put Erdogan on the political defensive. It is a serious setback to his expected presidential candidacy in Turkey's August elections. Britain: Happy Chickens - It may not solve the riddle of why the chicken crossed the road, but now they'll be a bit safer when they do it. Britain loves its chickens, and many people keep them as pets in their gardens. Now a company has come up with an idea to keep them a bit safer from motorists - high-visibility vests that come in two neon colors. There's even a model that includes a body warmer.

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