The Superworldwidedesalinator

Season 1, Episode 8 of 13

It's been a long time since it rained and Tipsville has suffered a drought. Matthew insists on the necessity of using water responsibly. Meanwhile, the Mayor is forced to impose restrictive measures. Darkhand, on his part, promotes the creation of a huge desalinator that will make drinkable water from the ocean, generating huge benefits for his company. Once the water is drinkable, it will become property of Darkhand who will be able to place any price he wants. Backhand has a trick up his sleeve. His information network has discovered that Mayor Cleanhands, a man who is honest and incorruptible, without any blemishes in his long political career has only one secret, he needs to compulsively wash his hands at least 25 times a day, which uses more water than the recommended amount by the authorities (that is, himself). Backhand blackmails him by threatening to go public with the information unless the mayor approves the construction of the Superworldwidedesalinator. Mayor Cleanhands consults with his secretary, Righthand, and both concede to the blackmail to avoid a scandal. Matthew, noticing that the measure would use three fourths of the planet's energy tries to block the desalinator which will make him end up in prison. At the same time, the investigations of his wife, Patty, will allow her to discover the Mayor's secret. Patty is able to convince the mayor of the necessity to stop the absurd project of and will thankfully let Matthew go free.

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