Dragon Tales

Super Snow Day/Make No Mistake

Season 3, Episode 28 of 29

SUPER SNOW DAY It's a warm spring day, but Enrique walks into the playroom and finds Max & Emmy in their winter gear. They're going sledding on Snowy Summit in Dragon Land. Enrique has never even seen snow except for in books or on TV, so he is hesitant to try sledding. When the gang decides to go to Icicle Cave, a place only accessible by sled, Enrique decides not to go. His friends decide to help him take small steps to safely overcome his fear and see how much fun snow and sledding can be. By taking it slow and facing small hills, Enrique gradually warms up to the snow. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Trying something new MAKE NO MISTAKE Max can hardly contain his joy-he just got the lead role in the School in the Sky play! He's so excited about the lights, the sets and the costumes that he hasn't even thought about the audience or even the possibility of making a mistake-until he overhears Zak telling Wheezie how embarrassing it could be to mess up in front of everybody. Suddenly, Max is paralyzed with fear. He definitely doesn't want to make a mistake in front of all those dragons! Noticing his apprehension, his friends tell him not to worry-everyone makes mistakes. They even suggest ways to make him less nervous, like taking deep breaths. Max is still scared. When Ord and Quetzal both slip up on stage and laugh it off, Max realizes that even the most confident of his friends can make mistakes. In spite of his fears, and even a small mistake, Max takes center stage. EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Coping with making mistakes in front of a crowd

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