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Mona and Russell are playing in the backyard when they spot a snail. The scare the snail and he goes into his shell. Mona wants to know where the snail went and she calls for Nana. Nana tells Mona that it is a snail and that snails live in their shells and their shells are their homes. Nana Russell and Mona head over to Mr. Wooka's house for a puppet show. Mr. Wooka's Puppet Show- We are in the artic and we meet a penguin that loves to roll snowballs. One day a polar bear comes by and kicks the penguins snowball and chases him off. The penguin is tired of being chased so he builds himself an igloo. The bear comes along but cannot get to the penguin as he is in his home. The polar bear decides to wait but gets very cold so the penguin helps the polar bear out and builds him a home as well. The puppet show finishes just as some clouds roll in and it starts to rain. Mona and Nana run into the house. Once inside the house Mona and Russell decide to build a fort out of couch cushions. Once built Mona and Russell play inside. Mona starts to tickle Russell and the fort falls down around them. Nana joins them to what it is they have been up to and she gets them ready for a story. Story Time-The Snails Home In this story we explore all the different types of homes that animals live in, and on each page there is a snail hidden for us to find. After the story Mr. Wooka stops by and tells them he has a surprise for Russell. Everyone heads out into the backyard where Mr. Wooka gives Russell a new dog house that he has built just for him. Russell heads into his new house to take a nap while Nana and Mona head inside for a snack. Mom arrives and Mona says goodbye to nana.

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