Chipmunk In Ihe House

Season 2, Episode 5 of 15

Mona goes into the backyard to look for flefer. She is having trouble finding him so Nana comes out to help. They soon find flefer under a duck planter, which as Nana says is no place for a flefer. Nana decides to make flefer a home and returns with a basket filled with yarn. Mona takes flefer and puts her in her new home for a nap. Russell joins Mona in the backyard and grabs flefer from her home. Mona is chasing Russell around to get flefer back. Russell tosses flefer into Mr. Wooka's yard. Wooka picks the duck up and starts to puppeteer her through the fence as Mona and Russell watch. Wooka pushes flefer back through the hole in the fence and Mona puts her back in her home. Nana calls Russell and Mona in for lunch and as the go into the kitchen they are followed by a little chipmunk. Nana tells them there is a surprise for lunch, pizza. She gets Mona settled with a slice and than she heads into the living room to get a story ready. Mona decides to put some yums on her pizza and with Russell's help she has covered her slice in the delicious cereal. They finish their lunch and head into the living room for a story. Story Time-Pete Polar Bear goes to Hawaii-In this story Pete the polar bear goes on vacation to Hawaii but he learns that the hot climate is not for him and he decides to go back home. After the story Nana heads into the kitchen where she discovers the chipmunk in the house. Russell starts to chase the chipmunk around the kitchen and has him backed into a corner. Nana holds Russell back and Mona helps the chipmunk make his way back to his home in the tree. The doorbell rings and Mom comes to take Mona home.

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