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Episode of Daytripper

Season 5, Episode 7 of 10
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Chet heads to Abilene to explore the history of the wild Texas frontier. He visits the world-class museum "Frontier, TX," Fort Phantom Hill, and the Buffalo Gap Historic Village. Chet eats along the way at Vleta's candy, making peanut brittle in Abilene for 100 years, Abi-Haus for a local, scratch made lunch, then to Perini Ranch Steakhouse for a prime rib dinner. For some added adventure, Chet SCUBA dives in a 1960s nuclear missile silo.

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7/9/2014 9 p.m. Ready TV
9/17/2014 9 p.m. Ready TV
9/19/2014 10 p.m. Ready TV
8/20/2015 11 p.m. Ready TV
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11/17/2016 5:30 p.m. Ready/World
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