Space Racers

Season 1, Episode 11 of 26

Animation 1: Mars Map Mystery - Story: Studying at the Mars campus, Eagle, Robyn and Hawk stumble upon a mysterious old map that seems to reveal a network of Martian canals built by some ancient civilization. If they can find them it would be the discovery of the century, not to mention an A+ presentation in class. Their search takes them on a wild trek across the red planet, where they brave a massive storm, tornadoes, dust devils, and even an encounter with Sojourner, the original Mars rover - but no sign of any "canals"... only to discover that the map is a fraud, and the idea of Martian canals was debunked long ago. Eagle is downcast until he realizes that their search has yielded a discovery just as interesting: a dry river delta, evidence of Mars' watery past. No aliens, but it still a nifty presentation! Curriculum Focus: Exploration and investigation, and learning that even when you don't find exactly what you're looking for, you can still make an exciting discovery along the way. Interstitial 1: "MD Science Center 5: Mars Rover". Animation 2: Sweet Spot - Story: During an impromptu Orb-O game in space, a pass goes awry and sends the orb sailing toward the hull of a refueling station - and the light tap unexpectedly sends the entire station hurtling toward Earth! Chasing after it at top speed, Eagle and friends manage to stop the station. They check it for damage, and it appears to be just fine. Close call. Now all they have to do is put it back where they found it, and no one will be any the wiser... but when they try to put the station back in orbit, gravity pulls it right back toward the Earth! They try again, but this time, it falls toward the Moon! What's going on here? How can they get it to stay in one place like it did before? Curriculum Focus: Exploration and Investigation - Forming theories and predictions to try and explain how and why things happen. Interstitial 2: "Music Video 3: Star Signs". Character Bio: Eagle.

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