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Episode of Our American Family: The Smiths

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The first half of the 1900's represents the last era of American life that, for most families, began largely unchanged from the generations that came before. OUR AMERICAN FAMILY: THE SMITHS profiles Willie and Rena Smith of Goldthwaite, Texas and their seven children. The film tells the story of a family whose patriarch dies at an early age leaving the mother to raise seven children ages 18 months to 14 years old. After trying for years to make a living on a small farm in Goldthwaite, Rena Smith sets her sights on Abilene. There she believes a better life awaits her children through greater educational and vocational opportunities as well as a richer social and spiritual life. OUR AMERICAN FAMILY: THE SMITHS is a story of perseverance, determination and the deep bonds that are forged in the face of relentless hardship.

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