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Episode of My Wild Affair

The Ape Who Went To College

Season 1, Episode 2 of 5
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This series tells the stories of the incredible bonds between humans and their wild animal companions. Through first-hand testimony, newly discovered archive footage, drama reconstruction, and encounters with the real animal and human stars, "My Wild Affair" captures stories of love and dedication, with their surprising twists and turns, and proves how the powerful bond between man and animal can overcome adversity, and change lives forever.

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7/27/2014 6 p.m. World
7/27/2014 10 p.m. World
7/28/2014 6 a.m. World
8/24/2014 7 p.m. World
8/24/2014 11 p.m. World
8/25/2014 7 a.m. World
8/25/2014 noon World
8/28/2014 4 p.m. World

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