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Episode of Global Voices

My So-Called Enemy

Season 7, Episode 9 of 18
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Spanning seven years, MY SO-CALLED ENEMY follows six Palestinian and Israeli teenage girls committed to justice and mutual understanding after participating in a women's leadership program called Building Bridges for Peace. This heart and mind-opening film, from Emmy Award-winning director Lisa Gossels (THE CHILDREN OF CHABANNES), documents how the young women?s transformative experience of knowing their "enemies" as human beings in the United States meets with the realities of their lives back home in the Middle East. Through the coming-of-age narratives of Adi, Gal, Hanin, Inas, Rawan and Rezan, audiences see how creating relationships across emotional, ideological, religious and physical borders are first steps towards resolving conflict. MY SO-CALLED ENEMY presents the complexities of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through a human lens- and the possibility and hope that come from listening to each other?s stories. A film about building bridges of understanding in our own communities, MY SO-CALLED ENEMY offers audiences profound messages about tolerance, inclusion and respect, conflict prevention and resolution ?and the vital role of women in peacemaking.

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