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Episode of Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Living With Hereditary Angioedema

Season 28, Episode 1 of 6
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Imagine a disease that, seemingly out of nowhere, temporarily causes facial features to become so distorted as to be unrecognizable. Or imagine agonizing vomiting attacks that last for days and leave the victim literally curled up in ball on the bathroom floor. This is the world of hereditary angioedema- with its painful swelling attacks, missed work days and canceled social events. And-there's always the possibility that the throat could swell and block the airway-causing suffocation. The estimates are that half of all HAE patients have had one of these life-threatening throat attacks at least once. But in only the past few years that world has changed dramatically. There are now treatments that can stop a swelling attack even before it gets started-or in some cases prevent it altogether. In this program we meet patients who have lived through the bad times and are now discovering how they can control the disease-rather than allow the disease to control them.

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