Natural Healing With Mark Stengler

Candida And Osteopathic Treatment

Season 2, Episode 9 of 13

Natural Healing with Mark Stengler, focuses on providing viewers with cutting edge, scientific approaches to achieving optimum health with holistic and natural remedies. Mark and Angela Stengler a unique combination of a doctor-doctor, husband and wife team with tremendous passion and experience for holistic medicine host the series. They are best-selling authors and successful practitioners whose mission is helping people with their health through natural, safe, proven methods. Episodes will cover health issues as varied as arthritis, fatigue, ADHD, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, fungal infections, memory loss, weight loss, and more. Viewers are educated as to how they can get beyond symptoms and uncover the cause of illness. They are provided information about natural remedies and nutritional breakthroughs as a means to prevent and treat disease and ailments. Mark and Angela show viewers the power of natural healing therapies that work within the human body. Warm, entertaining and informative, this series provides research-supported approaches to achieving health and vitality. Future seasons of Natural Healing with Mark Stengler are planned.

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