Season 2, Episode 14 of 15

Russell is playing in the leaves in the Backyard while Mona and Nana are in the kitchen carving a pumpkin. Nana has a witches' hat on. She gets Mona to draw a face on the pumpkin and than she carves it out. They take the pumpkin over to Mr. Wooka's house and tell him how Mona drew the face. Mr. Wooka has a surprise for them and he takes them into his backyard, which is decorated very spookily with skeletons and spiders etc... and then he sings a song. Song Time- Mr. Wooka and Nana sing Shake Your Bones-During the song Wooka makes the skeletons dance and so does Mona. Nana says it is time to get Mona in her costume and they start to leave but Russell is trying to get a bone off the skeleton. They pull him away and head back into their yard, but Russell is relentless and gets a foot bone off but Wooka catches him before he can get it out of the yard. Nana is finishing putting Mona into her costume. She is dressed as a purple monster. Nana gets her to roar like a monster. Russell is in the living room napping he stirs at the roar and then goes back to sleep. Nana is getting Mona to do a scary parade around the kitchen and has her scaring the breadbox. Then Nana says it is time to get Russell dressed in his costume and they head into the living room to wake him up. Mona tries to wake Russell up but he is scared of her in her costume so he hides under the couch. Nana decides that she should read a story that might help Russell understand that The Monster is Mona dressed up. Story Time-Bobby Billings Scary Halloween-Bobby is scared of all the things around at Halloween but his mother shows him that it is all make believe. The Story convinces Russell to come out from under the couch and get dressed in his ghost costume and Nana in her witches' costume. Then Nana Russell and Mona head over to Mr. Wooka's house to do some trick or treating. Mr. Wooka gives them some candy and Mona tells him she is going to trick or treat over the whole neighborhood. Mona and Russell look at their candy and Mona eats a piece. The doorbell rings and Mom is wearing a mustache she take Mona dressed as a monster to go trick or treating.

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