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Ireland: Dark Past - A horrific report shook Ireland this summer. It was suggested babies that had died in a home for unwed mothers were buried in mass graves around the site. The home was in operation up until the 1960's. Such homes were run by the Catholic church on behalf of the Irish government. Tens of thousands of unmarried mothers gave birth in them. Many of them tell of medical experiments on infants, neglect and forced adoption. Their infant mortality rate was much higher than the national average. Now the state and church are investigating what actually happened in what were called mother and baby homes. Crimea: Changing Sides - After the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula by Russia, people there are trying to return to everyday life. But the road to normality is long, and political stances in Kiev and Moscow have solidified. While politicians argue about topics such as possession of Crimea, how to feed the people on the peninsula and what will happen to tourism, the football club hitherto known as FC Sevastopol has its own worries. The team used to play in the Ukrainian Premier League. Now under another name and with a changed squad, they've been incorporated into the third division of the Russian league. But the Ukrainian football federation is opposed to the move - as are the international associations FIFA and UEFA. Poland/Germany: Joint Border Patrols - The border between Germany and Poland is nearly 500 kilometres long. Now Poland is part of the Schengen area, there are no more checks on the border crossings. For criminals that's a great advantage; for the police, a big problem. Since the opening of the German-Polish border in 2007, cross-border criminal activity has increased. Car thieves in particular take advantage of the freedom to travel eastwards. That's why since 2007 German and Polish police have been on patrol together on both sides of the border. But until now, according to law, the police from the respective neighboring country had to give up pursuing criminals shortly before they reached border. Now a new agreement on cross-border police cooperation, ensures police the same rights on both sides of the border. That should make pursuing suspects more effective. Spain: Catalonian Dream - It's long been clear that Catalonia would like to secede from Spain. A referendum on independence is planned for 9 November. The government in Madrid, however, has declared the referendum illegal. Thirty-two years on Public Television!

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