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Episode of Without Perfect Answers

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Without Perfect Answers is a documentary about two residential schools six thousand miles apart but side by side in finding a better way for at-risk children. The film raises compelling questions about foster care system in the United States. The Crossnore School, isolated in the remote North Carolina mountains, dates back a century. The Goldstein Youth Village in Jerusalem began with the birth of Israel to serve the children of the Holocaust. Both schools, one Christian, the other Jewish, apply compassion and high expectations to bring hope and success to otherwise desperate children. Both schools go against the widely accepted view that residential education, what once was called an orphanage, is discredited and harmful. Participants present compelling arguments that residential education is far more likely to redeem and encourage a troubled child than the chaotic U.S. foster care system ever could. Without Perfect Answers introduces the viewer to extraordinary, courageous and compassionate adults and children you will want to hug.

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