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Hollywood at home

Seven Year Itch
The famous picture of Marilyn standing over a subway grate with her dress blowing up around her was shot on Lexington Avenue at 52nd St. on September 15, 1954 at 1 am.


Only Angels Have Wings
The film was inspired by a true story of a real-life couple Howard Hawks met while scouting Mexican locations for Viva Villa! (1934).


The Magnificent Seven
Yul Brynner (5'10") was concerned to make sure he always appeared substantially taller than Steve McQueen (5'9 1/2"), to the point of making a little mound of earth and standing on it in all their shots together. McQueen, for his part, casually kicked at the mound every time he passed by it.


The Postman Always Rings Twice
As a contrast to the fact she's playing an inherently evil character, Lana Turner wears white throughout most of the film.


Murder, My Sweet
Audiences initially stayed away, thinking that Farewell My Lovely, its original title, was yet another Dick Powell musical. When the studio changed the title to Murder My Sweet, box office receipts picked up considerably.


Information gathered from TMCDb, IMDb, New York Times.

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Hollywood Home reel

seven_year_itch medSeven Yhear Itch, Saturday, November 21st at 9 p.m.
The blonde (Marilyn Monroe) upstairs gives a man (Tom Ewell) ideas, especially with his wife (Evelyn Keyes) gone for the summer.

only_angles_have_wings_medOnly Angels Have Wings, Saturday, December 19th at 9 p.m.
A sassy chorus girl (Jean Arthur) falls in love with a seat-of-the-pants pilot (Cary Grant) in South America.

magnificent_seven_medThe Magnificent Seven, Saturday,
December 26th at 9 p.m.

A man in black (Yul Brynner) recruits six hired guns to lead Mexican villagers against the gang of an outlaw (Eli Wallach).

postman_always_rings_twice_medPostman Always Rings Twice, Saturday, January 2nd at 9 p.m.
A drifter (John Garfield) stops at a Greek diner and helps the owner's (Cecil Kellaway) lusty wife (Lana Turner) become a widow.

Murder, My Sweet, Saturday, January 2nd
at 11 p.m.

Considered by many to be the definitive private eye "film noir," this adaptation of Raymond Chandler's "Farewell, My Lovely" stars Dick Powell as gumshoe Philip Marlowe, whose search for a thug's ex-girlfriend leads him into a convoluted plot of blackmail.

Hollywood at Home
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