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Hollywood at home


The climactic picnic scenes had to be shot on a soundstage due to rainstorms.


Sandra Bullock actually learned to drive a bus for the film, passing her test on her first attempt.


vicotria lucas host Join Victoria Lucas as our host for Hollywood at Home. Lucas provides historical background and a Hollywood insider's look at our Saturday night films. A film producer and screenwriting consultant, Lucas comes from a family of actors, producers, writers, and directors. Join Lucas each week for fascinating insights to our Hollywood at Home feature.

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marry_millionaireHow to Marry Millionaire, Friday,
November 25 at noon

Schatze Page, Loco Dempsey and Pola Debevoise (Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe) are three women on a mission: They all want to marry a millionaire. To accomplish this task, they move into a fancy New York City apartment and begin courting the city's elite. Eventually they must decide: Is a life of luxury more important to them than finding true love?

moonstruck_medMoonstruck, Friday, November 25 at 2:00 p.m.
In her Academy Award winning role, Cher, while waiting for her timid fiance to decide between her and his mother, falls in love with her fiance's estranged brother (Nicolas Cage), a bakery worker with a love of opera and life. Supporting actress Olympia Dukakis and screenwriter John Patrick Shanley also won Oscars in this comedy classic.

speed_medSpeed, Friday, November 25 at 4:00 p.m.
A SWAT team ace (Keanu Reeves) must keep the speed of a Santa Monica bus above 50 mph, or a madman's (Dennis Hopper) bomb will explode.

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Hollywood at Home
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