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Hollywood at home


The Politician's Husband
Characters share surnames with characters from The West Wing.


Bridge on the Riber Kwai
The elephants employed in helping build the bridge would take breaks every four hours and lie around in the water--whether the crew wanted them to or not.


From Here to Eternity
A nationwide search of army surplus stores yielded pre-Pearl Harbor-style Springfield rifles, canvas leggings, campaign hats and flat steel helmets. The extras--who were all real soldiers--were all drilled to learn how to use all this outdated equipment


vicotria lucas host Join Victoria Lucas as our host for Hollywood at Home. Lucas provides historical background and a Hollywood insider's look at our Saturday night films. A film producer and screenwriting consultant, Lucas comes from a family of actors, producers, writers, and directors. Join Lucas each week for fascinating insights to our Hollywood at Home feature.

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politicians_husbandAugust 20 at 9 p.m.
The Politician's Husband

In this series marathon, explore the shifting dynamics of power in a marriage where the personal and the political collide.

bridge_kwai_medSeptember 10 at 9 p.m.
Bridge on the River Kwai

A British POW colonel (Alec Guinness) orders his men to build their Japanese captor (Sessue Hayakawa) a railway bridge in the jungle.

here_eternity__medSeptember 17 at 9 p.m.
From Here to Eternity

While Japanese attack looms, an Army sergeant (Burt Lancaster), a former boxer (Montgomery Clift) and an officer's wife (Deborah Kerr) become entangled with others at a Pearl Harbor base.

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Hollywood at Home
Film Trivia with host Victoria Lucas